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Latest News

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division announces Amanda Saenz’s appointment as HR Specialist.
    Robroy Industries Conduit Division, manufacturer of ETL-Verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit , appoints Amanda Saenz as Human Resources (HR) Specialist.
    Prior to joining Robroy Industries, Amanda spent a year working within the HR Department of a Credit Union where she gained valuable knowledge of employment law, employee relations, FMLA, workers comp, strategic planning, new hire orientation, and training. Amanda spent eight years in the Marine Corps, based in the Carolinas, and completed a deployment to Iraq.
    Amanda is … Read more…
  • Knowledge about preventing corrosion — crucial for success in the food manufacturing industry Food processing is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States. NACE International, the world’s leading corrosion control organization, estimates that nearly $2.1 billion is spent annually on corrosion-related costs in the food industry. Keeping corrosion at bay is critical since it can lead to unacceptable contaminants in a food manufacturing environment that threaten sanitation and product safety, as well as reduce the reliability of machinery, leading to costly downtime. Corrosion is a … Read more…
  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Makes Donations to Hannah House and The Asbury House in March of 2016 Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit , continues to reach out and assist local non-profits. Most recently, the team donated to two non-profits: Hannah House and The Asbury House.
    The Robroy Industries team donated $200.00 to Hannah House Maternity Home in support of the Bass-N-Babies Fundraising Event. Hannah House Maternity Home is a place of new beginnings for young women coping with the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Their goal … Read more…
  • Bob Knight, special guest at Robroy Industries’ gourmet dessert reception NAED Annual Meeting.
    I want a persistent player, not the consistent player. I want a team that is persistent, unyielding, enduring, staying with something despite obstacles.          —Bob Knight
    At this year’s event, Robroy Industries is proud to welcome, as our special guest, a man who became an American icon by demanding and achieving excellence—-Bob Knight.
    Bob Knight is a legendary coach because he has consistently developed winners on the basketball court. He has accomplished this feat by insisting on … Read more…
  • Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit’s recommended guidelines for proper installation to prevent coating damage with details on installer certification. Proper installation ensures the best service life for a conduit system. Plasti-Bond’s REDH2OT PVC-Coated Conduit is a system providing the best available exterior and interior protection against corrosion. Below, are suggested protocols for installing PVC-Coated conduit, along with information on obtaining installer certification.
    Guidelines for preventing coating damage during the installation of coated conduit is covered in the video link below:

    Clamping: When using a pipe vise, replace the jaw assembly with special vise adapters. When … Read more…

  • Finding A Reliable Product Solution for Corrosive Jobsites Is Not As Difficult As You Might Think
    Randy Cox
    Colburn Electric
    I have worked extensively overseas and in 22 states across the U.S., but in my own backyard of Crescent City, California is a wastewater treatment facility that has the distinction of being the most corrosive jobsite that I have ever dealt with.
    The average rainfall here is more than 60″ per year. Our job location borders the ocean beach. Chemicals used in the wastewater process combine with salt air from the Pacific to create … Read more…
  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division donates to five local community organizations. Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit, continues to support the local community by donating to five local community organizations: Historic Upshur Museum, the American Cancer Society, Upshur County Community Fund, the American Heart Association and the Gilmer Kiwanis Club.
    In February 2016, Robroy Industries donated $125.00 to the Historic Upshur Museum and the Antique Appraisal Fair in support of the 13thAnnual Antique Appraisal Fair held on February 27, 2016. Beginning … Read more…
  • Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit: Electrical Contractors: Benefits of becoming a Certified Installer
    Plasti-Bond ETL-Verified PVC-Coated Conduit provides premium protection against corrosion by providing the best available exterior and interior coating.
    Proper installation is essential to ensure the best possible service life for conduit systems. Only installers who are able to present authorized, unexpired credentials of having passed our instruction and examination are officially certified to install Plasti-Bond’s top quality products.
    Qualified installation provides these benefits:

    The End User receives optimum installation quality and best possible service life.
    The Professional benefits … Read more…

  • TECK
 Armoured Cable Fittings Require Proper Specification To Ensure Success In The Field
    Section 12-3022 of the Canadian Electrical Code addresses the industry standards for proper entrance of conductors and cables into boxes, cabinets, and fittings. Installations have been encountered wherein box connectors were not used to secure individual cables to provide strain relief, and such improper termination commonly leads to failure. Good industry practice suggests that each cable be secured to prevent strain or stress at the point of termination, and that no openings remain in the … Read more…
  • Bob Knight, legendary basketball coach, joins Plasti-Bond PVC coated conduit sales reps during NEMRA 2016 annual conference “The key is not the will to win—everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

    Bob Knight

    Photo Caption: Plasti-Bond representatives walk away inspired by Bob Knight, legendary college and Olympic basketball coach, at a special dinner held during the NEMRA 2016 Conference
    Robert “Bob” Knight is one of college basketball’s most successful and innovative coaches. Recently at a special dinner held during the 2016 NEMRA annual conference, Coach Knight entertained and inspired Plasti-Bond … Read more…