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Latest News

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Donates to Regard4Life Animal Rescue

    Photo Caption: Director of Regard4Life Animal Rescue, Terri Chambers Chadd, poses with Janie, one of many animals in their rescue program.

    Robroy Industries Conduit Division, a manufacturer of ETL-Verified PVC coated galvanized rigid conduit , continues to reach out and assist local non-profits. This month, the associates focused on raising funds for Regard4Life.Together, Robroy associates raised $228, along with contributing leashes, toys, and other animal care essentials.

    Regard4Life Animal Rescue, based in Longview, Texas, is a non-profit organization … Read more…

  • Plasti-Bond Quickly Prepare Accurate Submittal Packages with a New Online Tool Plasti-Bond Customer Service Commitment: Making Your Life Easier!
    Quickly Prepare Accurate Submittal Packages with a New Online Tool—

    Plasti-Bond® PVC-Coated Conduit is committed to servicing their customers through the development of newer and better tools. So, when our customers asked for an additional submittal tool, we listened and responded.
    Today, Quick Submittal is available on our website at:
    Quick Submittal allows you to quickly and easily generate a combined submittal package by product families without individual product size cut sheets. Quick Submittal offers a … Read more…
  • General Power & Control announces an agreement to represent Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit—a goal set 15 years ago, of ONLY representing premium products Prior to Scott Silvey’s appointment to president of General Power & Control, he worked for General Electric. Scott learned one important business practice from Jack Welch at GE– offer only premium products to your customer.
    So, when Scott joined General Power and Control as its president, he set the goal for his team to only have representative agreements with premium electrical product manufacturers. Over the past 15 years, the team has continually added one premium line … Read more…
  • Plasti-Bond® PVC-Coated Conduit Releases 2015 Customer Survey Results

    The above infographic reveals the fifth year of survey results conducted by Acadia Lead Management Services. Of Plasti-Bond customers surveyed in 2015, 99 percent of those customers agree that Plasti-Bond PVC coated conduit is consistently manufactured to the highest quality standard.

    “Your product is the best in the industry. From seeing the value behind the manufacturing of the product, it directly reflects to the quality being issued to the customer. ” —  Survey Respondent

    Ninety-eight percent of … Read more…

  • Carlsbad Desalination plant used Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit Morrow-Meadows Corporation specified Plasti-Bond PVC-coated conduit, thereby eliminating the many negative consequences and costs of premature product failure due to corrosion.
    Engineers at Morrow-Meadows have concluded that, only by having a true corrosion prevention strategy can they realize the benefits of prevention versus repair and replacement. To make such a strategy work, it is necessary to accept that some products provide superior corrosion resistance, at a competitive cost, proving users the protection they have paid for.
    If … Read more…
  • Why Independent Product Performance Verification is Essential For Properly Specifying Products For Highly Corrosive Environments J. Henry Martin, PE
    Henry Martin Consulting LLC
    By law and tradition, a key role of architectural/engineering professionals is to help ensure effective specification of products. This responsibility is especially critical when applications are in highly corrosive environments where product failure is extremely costly but also raises the risk of catastrophe and human harm.
    The foundation for preventing corrosion damage through proper product specification is to enforce a high priority on continuous education in the understanding of what … Read more…
  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Promotes Christopher Caldwell to Quotes Manager

    Chris Caldwell

    Robroy Industries is delighted to announce that Christopher Caldwell has been promoted from Conduit Division Quotes Specialist to the position of Quotes Manager.
    “Chris has been dedicated to Robroy Industries for more than 11 years. Over the past decade, Chris has grown immensely,” stated Steve Voelzke, the president of the Robroy Industries Conduit Division. “He has grown into a key team member because of his ability to establish solid relationships with many of our customers due to his … Read more…

  • Robroy Industries Conduit Division Donates to Texas Special Children’s Projects
    Robroy Industries Conduit Division December community initiative was a Holiday Toy & Gift Drive for Texas Special Children’s Projects located in Longview, TX.

    TSCP is a 501(c)3 charity serving the special needs children and adults of Texas. Their mission is to enrich the lives of handicapped, disabled and special needs individuals by providing quality recreational, entertainment and activity projects throughout the year.

    Many of the individuals they visit reside in facilities, with foster families, and some have … Read more…

  • PlastiBond PVC-Coated Conduit: Certified Installer Certificate
    PlastiBond PVC-Coated Conduit:
    Chris’ Corner—Certified Installer Certificate
     Question: Chris, we are working on a project and the specification states “Installers must be certified and be able to present a valid, unexpired Installer Certification card.”  How do I obtain this card and why does it expire?

    The requirement for installer certification is something we are seeing in the marketplace, more and more.  A critical component of a PVC coated conduit system is proper installation.  Hence, since most failures are due to … Read more…

  • Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit — Protecting the oil & gas industry for more than half a century Visit our new website section devoted to the oil and gas industry at:
    A superior-performance product, such as Plasti-Bond, even though it may be a small element of any given job, can be instrumental in ensuring protection of entire oil and gas systems from corrosion.
    Plasti-Bond can help reduce downtime by 50% or more and can contribute to extended service life by more than 10 times that of other product options. By eliminating product failure you … Read more…