Transitioning a PVC coated conduit run from 1″ to 3/4″

Question: Chris, I am transitioning my run from a 1” to ¾” and I am not sure what I should use to reduce down in size at the condulet body. Any suggestions?

Answer: In this instance, you should use a reducing coupling accompanied with a short nipple.. Often times a reducing bushing is used which will result in a system that is not sealed due to a gap left between the sealing sleeve and the conduit. Using a reducing coupling with a short a nipple will solve this problem. Photos are included below for reference.

Photo Caption 1: Incorrect- a reducing bushing (1″ – ¾”) was inserted into the C condulet fitting. The conduit entering this fitting is ¾”; make note of the gap between the sealing sleeve and conduit. This gap is a void where water can collect and will ultimately lead to failure over time.

Coated Conduit Installation Wrong


Photo Caption 2: (Correct) Instead of using a reducing bushing you should use a reducing coupling (REC).  The REC is female/female; to make the connection between the REC and condulet body use a short nipple.  The desired end result is a sealed system.

Coated Conduit Installation Right


Plasti-Bond PVC Coated Conduit

Plasti-Bond PVC Coated Conduit