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Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated Conduit

Plasti-Bond PVC-coated conduit

A maximum protection against corrosion

Plasti-Bond, part of the Robroy conduit family of products, provides proven performance and maximum protection for electrical raceway systems in demanding and corrosive environments. Over 50 years ago, Plasti-Bond was the first to pioneer PVC-coated rigid metal conduit, and today, we continue to innovate and lead the electrical products market in quality and safety. 

Plasti-Bond is not simply a product – it is a key link in a system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage.

Leading-Edge Quality & Compliance

Plasti-Bond’s quality and product compliance are the keys to achieving completely certified raceways in corrosive and hazardous areas. Available in rigid steel and aluminum, Plasti-Bond conduit and fittings feature 40 mil exterior PVC coating and 2 mil interior urethane coating. Plus, Plasti-Bond meets all mandated standards by UL 6, NEMA RN-1, ANSI C80.1 and ETL PVC-001. 

In an industry first, Plasti-Bond sealing fittings, outlet boxes, EC series flexible couplings and unions are all listed to UL 1203 for safety. Plus, another vital safety feature is our Form 8 Fittings with a patented interlocking V-groove to seal out corrosive environments with a UL Type 4x listing and an IP69 rating from IEC.

The comprehensive line of Plasti-Bond PVC-coated conduit, fittings and accessories are manufactured and distributed by Robroy Industries - Texas, LLC, an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System Facility located in Gilmer, Texas.

The Heritage of Our Name

PB and Robroy Logos

Robroy Industries – Uncompromising Safety & Unmatched Performance

For over a century, Robroy Industries has expanded and adapted to the needs of our customers, while remaining true to our core values. This special balance has resulted in an organization of synergistic companies dedicated to unmatched product performance and uncompromising safety at every level.

A family-owned business in its fourth generation, Robroy traces its proud lineage in quality manufacturing back to Peter McIlroy, a Scottish immigrant. McIlroy developed a black enamel coating system for steel conduits that became trademarked, “Pittsburgh Standard.” He went on to found Enameled Metals Company, the predecessor of Robroy Industries, on August 10, 1905, in Etna, Pennsylvania. 

Over the years, the company survived two world wars, economic highs and lows, natural disasters and continues to thrive. In 1952, the company name changed to Pittsburg Standard Conduit Co. to reflect its signature product. Then in 1967, we became Robroy Industries in response to the diversification of our product line and geographic expansion of our production capabilities.

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