Owners / End Users

Owners / End Users


The Impact of Corrosion Damage on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Calculating Total Cost of Ownership of electrical systems means evaluating costs over the life of a system. It starts with design, spec sheets, product choice and proper installation. Then, there are ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement costs to be taken into account. 

Potential risks to electrical raceway systems from corrosion damage should also be considered. This is especially true when dealing with harsh environments and hazardous locations. Plus, not all corrosion protection products are the same. Early product failure can mean costly liabilities or the replacement of entire electrical systems. 

Total Cost of Ownership – Electrical Systems

  • Review submitted specs and product costs listed 
  • Analyze environment and product’s ability to perform without failure
  • Calculate system’s extended operating costs – maintenance, repair and replacement costs 

Your time and assets are valuable. So, it is important as an owner or end-user to invest in a cost-effective solution that provides proven longevity and corrosion protection for its environment. 

To assist, Plasti-Bond offers Accredited, Regulated and Certified (ARC) courses. These convenient, online ARC courses can help reduce concerns over corrosion damage and its long-term impact on your electrical systems and your TCO. 

Our ARC courses are taught by experts in corrosion protection, incorporating real-world use and proper installation of anti-corrosion products.

These 60-minute training sessions are available for other key members of your team, such as designers and engineers. The sessions are free of charge and can be customized to your educational needs upon request.

Based on course content and completion, participants can earn 1 PDH of continuing education credit for each class.

Owners / End Users

 Highly Corrosive Environment Training

Product Performance Verification for Corrosive Environments – This course provides a general explanation of how corrosion works and how a PVC coated raceway system with the right standards and specifications can protect against corrosion when properly installed.


Hazardous Location Training

Corrosion Protection and Safety Assurance - Corrosion protection and safety go hand in hand. This course provides valuable insight into critical design considerations for protection in hazardous locations. References industry standards for good design and specification criteria. Understand how to validate listed products and achieve the value you specify for performance and safety.

Corrosion College

Corrosion College is also available to all Plasti-Bond customer groups. It is an intensive, accredited educational and training seminar that provides proven solutions for industrial corrosion prevention through classroom and practical demonstration. 

Corrosion College enhances learning retention through real-world case studies. Plus, there are also interactive presentations on use of anti-corrosion products and proper installation. It also explores proven strategies to protect against corrosion in electrical raceway systems by using a complete PVC-coated rigid metal conduit system.

Upon successful completion, participants are eligible to receive 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH) from top colleges and industry associations.

Accrediting Colleges and Professional Associations

  • Texas A&M

  • Kilgore College

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects)

  • PDH Engineer

Reviews By Owners / End Users

I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to learn and be inspired at Corrosion College. The course offers an unmatched standard of excellence, making for a positively outstanding educational experience in an amazing environment.
Joseph Lester
Joseph Lester
Facilities Electrician, Port of Houston
Thanks to the informative, well organized presentation by Corrosion College, we were able to gather useful information regarding corrosion, methods of testing electrical conduit, certification compliance and the effects of proper conduit installation.
Lashonda Green
Lashonda Green
Project Manager, City of Tampa

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