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Specifiers / Engineers

Specifiers / Engineers

ARC Course

Write An Impeccable PVC-Coated Rigid Conduit Spec Sheet for Raceways

The role of a specifier or engineer is to translate designed plans into well-defined descriptions, materials and parts. This means conforming to exacting design specs and regulatory codes and requirements. 

Specifiers may be called on to defend their choices. So, the goal of the electrical engineer is to specify quality products that will deliver reliability and longevity from the start. Often a specific brand name is recommended to conform to exacting division 16 and division 26 electrical specifications, ensure the right standards are followed and verified by the proper listings. 

Additional influences may also impact how product is specified. For PVC-coated rigid conduit in raceway systems, that is the threat of corrosion in harsh environments and hazardous locations.

Plasti-Bond offers Accredited, Regulated, and Certified (ARC) courses to help you develop a spec package that integrates the right product in your specifications. It also provides the opportunity to provide plant owners, end-users and contractors added value through warranties and proven performance. 

Our ARC online training classes were developed for the customized needs of specifiers and engineers.

They are taught by experienced pros in corrosion prevention and emphasize real-world installation and product application. Upon request, courses may be adapted to your company or project’s specific needs upon request. 

Based on course content, participants can earn 1 hour of Professional Development for each hour-long class. Both classes are free of charge.


Highly Corrosive Environment Training

Product Performance Verification for Corrosive Environments – This course provides a general explanation of how corrosion works and how a PVC coated raceway system with the right standards and specifications can protect against corrosion when properly installed.

Hazardous Location Training

Corrosion Protection and Safety Assurance - Corrosion protection and safety go hand in hand. This course provides valuable insight into critical design considerations for protection in hazardous locations. References industry standards for good design and specification criteria. Understand how to validate listed products and achieve the value you specify for performance and safety.

Corrosion College

Plasti-Bond’s Corrosion College is available to all our customer groups. It is an intensive, accredited two-day educational and training seminar. It features hands-on experience and classroom work on proven solutions for industrial corrosion prevention in electrical raceway systems. 

The learning experience features interactive presentations, case studies and laboratory workshops on anti-corrosion products and proper installation. 

Upon complete, participants are eligible for 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH) from top colleges and industry associations.

Accrediting Colleges and Professional Associations

  • Texas A&M

  • Kilgore College

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects)

  • PDH Engineer

Reviews By Specifiers / Engineers

I found that I was hanging on to EVERY word that our Corrosion College instructors had to say.
Marco Cabibbo
Marco Cabibbo, PE, LEED AP Senior Electrical Engineer
P2S Engineering

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