Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI)



Electronic Data Interchange 

Plasti-Bond’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for efficient electronic communication through a value-added network (VAN). Simply use your EDI system to communicate with ours. Best of all, there is no cost to you!

EDI Advantages

  • Improved accuracy in transactions

  • Increased order efficiency

  • Synchronized product and pricing data

  • Reduced expenses in manual data entry, processing and handling costs

  • Improved accounts receivable/payable processing

Supported Customer Documents

Plasti-Bond supports business-to-business transactions in ANSI X12 and can process the following EDI transaction sets:

  • Invoice (810)
  • Product Transfer Account Adjustment (844)
  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Order Acknowledgement (855)
  • Shipping Notice (856)
  • Functional Acknowledgement (997)

New EDI Setup

If your company would like to become a Plasti-Bond EDI Trading Partner, please fill out and submit the EDI Customer Information Form below. For additional questions about our EDI program, contact Robroy Customer Service at csr@Robroy.com or call (903) 843-5591.

Upon completion of this form, the 2% 10th net prox. 25th Cash Discount will remain valid for a 6-month period. This should allow adequate time for IT to complete all mapping for the EDI setup.

Customer Information

Location Information

IT Information

The below EDI transaction types are the minimum requirements we can accept in order to maintain the Cash Discount of 2% 10th net prox. 25th. Please check the EDI transactions that are currently capable for this location.

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