Proper Installation Yields Productivity in Construction 

When it comes to productivity in construction, every project comes with its own unique set of challenges for electrical contractors. The road to improved productivity begins with a well-considered design. Then it moves to the actual construction site where plans become reality. Completed work then must stand against the threat of corrosion damage over time.

Electrical contractors play a major role in executing every phase of construction. To optimize productivity and increase time saving, contractors communicate and coordinate their efforts with specifiers/engineers, manufacturers, distributors, owners/end-users and project teams. 

Throughout the construction process, every decision a contractor makes can affect costs and timelines. Collectively, these choices determine if a project comes in on-time and on-budget. So, the right choice of PVC-coated rigid metal conduit for raceway systems can make all the difference when it comes to productivity growth.

Productivity Challenges for Electrical Contractors

  • Mismanaged material or supply chain; product misplaced or not delivered to job site on time
  • Labor costs increased because construction crews are idle or waiting
  • Real time lost due to inefficiency of installation process
  • Construction funds tied up in excess of inventory materials 
  • Lack of product updates or latest installation methods
  • Initial electrical install not completed to specification. Product fails requiring expensive repairs and/or premature replacement of installation
  • Product does not provide owner/end-user with long-term corrosion protection
  • Improper installation or product failure results in costly property damage and/or liabilities
  • Finding products that meet all industry required specifications

To boost labor productivity and close the gap on cost overruns or delays, construction industry contractors and installers should be certified in proper installation techniques. It is also important that they remain up to date with the most current product knowledge. 

Proper installation of PVC-coated rigid metal conduit reduces risk to workers onsite during construction projects and those utilizing the completed facility. It also limits the ongoing potential of liability, maintenance and repair for the contractor and the owner/end-user following construction. 

Plasti-Bond has developed a customized Accredited, Regulated, and Certified (ARC) course focused on PVC-coated conduit installation for electrical contractors. The training course can also benefit team members in the field involved in the installation process. This free class is taught by experts in corrosion protection in real-world labs, as well as in classroom settings.

Installation Training

Avoiding costly failures is the number one priority of all contractors. This course provides participants the expertise and installation skills necessary for PVC-coated rigid metal conduit systems. Upon successful testing and completion of the course, you will be certified. This will endorse that conduit installed by you or those under your supervision will deliver critical corrosion protection and meet project specifications as designed.

Virtual online classes are also available.

Corrosion College

For more intensive training, contractors and members of the installation crew may wish to participate in Corrosion College. This educational training seminar provides proven solutions for industrial corrosion prevention through classroom and practical experience. The training also includes use of anti-corrosion products and proper installation.

Accrediting Colleges and Professional Associations

  • Texas A&M

  • Kilgore College

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects)

  • PDH Engineer

Reviews By Contractors

Corrosion College really opens your eyes to the issue of corrosion and its impact in the world. I felt the seminar was well taught. The instructor keeps you engaged the entire time as you learn how to mitigate potential costs from every aspect.
Mat Puckett
Mat Puckett
General Superintendent, Helix Electric
Installer training teaches the techniques to make our job easier and our installations better. It keeps us current with new and innovative products and information. Plus, Plasti-Bond’s online recertification process is so convenient.
Richard Sanders Plasti-Bond ARC Testimony
Richard Sanders
Craft Training Coordinator and Master Instructor, MMR
Plasti-Bond Installer Certification exceeded all my expectations. The training is comprehensive. Even as someone who’s installed PVC coated conduit for 22 years, I learned new things. Don't miss this certified installer training.
Greg Rhodes Plast-Bond ARC Review
Greg Rhodes
Owner, GJR Electric

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