How to Check Stock Status


Hi Chris, I’m a rep for Plasti-Bond. Is there a way I can check to see if the materials I need are in stock before I order them?


You’re in luck! Robroy Industries recently launched a brand-new web portal that’s full of innovative features to help reps and distributors easily search available inventory, track orders, chat with a customer service representative, and more.

In the stock status section of the web portal, you can search materials by name or part number, and select to receive exact or partial results. From here, you can see the current quantity in stock, price per unit, and the availability when not in stock.

You can also search the stock status for up to 50 items at once using the stock status template. Download the template and input up to 50 part numbers, then upload it back to the web portal. Exact matches only will be shown for part numbers submitted through the template.

The new Robroy Industries customer web portal is simple to use and mobile-friendly, allowing access to the platform from anywhere. If you have previously been a rep or distributor for any Robroy Industries brand, you may have been pre-loaded into the new system, so check your email for login information. To request access to the portal, email or

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