How to Ensure Proper Plug Engagement for Hazardous Location Fittings


Hey Chris, how can I be sure that the plugs on Hazardous Location Sealing Fittings are installed properly?


There’s an easy way to make sure of this—Plasti-Bond’s patented P5SA™ validation system on sealing fittings visually confirms that our urethane-coated plugs correctly engage the first time, every time.

P5SA™ gives positional feedback of the urethane-coated plug for proper installation without compromising maximum corrosion protection. The design gives visual validation that the plug has been installed correctly—all you have to do is verify that the plug does not protrude beyond the PVC’s beveled edge for confirmation that 5 full threads are engaged, per NEC code. This is critical for safe installation and a proper flame path. If the plug rests above the beveled edge of the PVC, you do not have 5 full threads of engagement; therefore, the plug must be tightened further.

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