How to Gauge Thread Depth


Hey Chris! When it comes to field-threading conduit, what’s the best way to determine how long the threads should be?


Each length of Plasti-Bond conduit comes with a thread protector that can help you gauge thread depth. This tool determines the right amount of PVC to cut to maximize thread engagement and minimize thread exposure.

Before using a power threader, place the factory-applied thread protector on the cut end of the conduit and use a sharpie or marker to mark the length. Using a utility knife, cut around the circumference of the conduit at the mark, then make longitudinal cuts from the conduit end down to the mark. This will simplify the removal of the PVC coating during the power threading process. The conduit can then be threaded to the mark previously made.

When using a handheld threader, these same steps apply. However, after making the longitudinal cuts, cut away one-quarter inch of the PVC coating in the same manner as sharpening a pencil with a knife. This will enable the dye teeth on the threader to engage the conduit.

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