Joining Conduit in Tight Spaces


I need to install some PVC-coated conduit in a very tight space, and I don’t have enough room to turn conduits and elbows to connect them together. Is there any way I can install these materials without turning them?


Absolutely! One of the biggest additions to the Plasti-Bond family of products is the SpeedCouple. It’s a PVC-coated steel coupling that is concrete tight, suitable for direct burial, and ideal for applications with limited space—especially installations where it’s difficult to turn conduit or elbows. It has sealing sleeves on both ends and an internal swivel ring that allows two pieces of conduit to be threaded without actually turning them. All you’ll need is a Z-wrench or a strap wrench to ensure a tight connection without damaging the exterior PVC coating. It’s simple, time-saving, and most importantly, safe and durable for any installation!

Want to see the SpeedCouple in action? Check out the video below:

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