Using PVC-Coated Conduit in Water/Wastewater Facilities


Hey Chris! Is PVC-coated conduit a good solution for water/wastewater facilities?


Excellent question! Water/wastewater facilities are some of the most demanding applications from an environmental perspective. Highly corrosive, hazardous chemicals and wet, dirty vapors are just part of the daily operation. Failure to properly specify and install products designed and certified to perform in those demanding conditions leads to risk of premature failure, excessive downtime, and potentially catastrophic results.

The use of a high-performing, completely sealed PVC-coated system, like Plasti-Bond, can provide complete protection from corrosion and alignment with requirements of hazardous (classified) locations. Plasti-Bond conduit and fittings feature a 40 mil exterior PVC coating and a 2 mil interior urethane coating that, along with proper installation, can deliver up to ten times the service life in even the most demanding environments. Plus, Plasti-Bond is backed by extensive independent third-party certifications and meets standards mandated by UL 6, NEMA RN-1, ANSI C80.1 and ETL PVC-001. Not only that—Plasti-Bond is the first in the industry to have our sealing fittings, outlet boxes, EC series flexible couplings and unions listed to UL 1203 for safety in hazardous locations.

Another reason why Plasti-Bond’s PVC-coated raceway system is such an excellent solution for water/wastewater facilities: we’re always looking for ways to innovate and solve common installation issues while maintaining the integrity of the installation. Our Form 8 fittings offer a vital safety feature: a patented interlocking V-groove that seals out corrosive environments with a UL Type 4x listing and an IP69 rating from IEC. The Sealing Locknut eliminates exposed threads at points of connection, reducing the risk of corrosion caused by moisture ingress, and the SpeedCouple takes the hard work out of connecting conduit or elbows in tight spaces. Our liquid tight fittings now come with a transition adapter included to help maximize installation space while maintaining a sealed system. And, our new PVC-coated reducing bushings with sealing sleeves make transitioning between trade sizes a breeze while still efficiently protecting joints from corrosion.

Plasti-Bond’s innovative products have been designed to improve the efficiency and installation of the job while ensuring a safe and reliable electrical infrastructure—eliminating downtime, the expensive cost of repairing or replacing failed products and systems, and the risk of fines due to non-compliance. Being knowledgeable about what a spec requires and how to solve common installation problems can make all the difference between an efficient, long-lasting water/wastewater installation and a costly, time-consuming one. The good news is, we have many educational opportunities that you can take advantage of to learn more! Visit the Education page here to find the course that is right for you.

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