When to Use Touch-Up Compound on Sealing Sleeves


I have seen touch-up compound used on sealing sleeves. Is that needed every time?


No, it is not required every time, but we do suggest using touch-up compound on sealing sleeves in wet locations or underground installations where additional protection is required.  

Threads are the weakest link in any conduit system. So before applying any PVC touch-up compound to a sealing sleeve, first be sure that the factory threads have been coated with the proper corrosion-resistant thread compound and that the connection has been assembled correctly. Then, you can apply the PVC touch-up compound using the included brush-top applicator, completely covering the sealing sleeve joint to better create a more water resistant conduit system. The PVC touch-up compound is also available from Plasti-Bond in a 12-ounce aerosol can for when cosmetic coverage is desired. 

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