Install Non-Coated Box with PVC-Coated Conduit?


Chris, is it ok to install a non-coated box along with my PVC-coated conduit installation?


Non-coated boxes should never be used, only coated boxes will provide the protection necessary to prevent corrosion and maintain the necessary ratings. Also, non-coated products of any type should never be used with coated products. The product should be installed as a system and non-coated products compromise the integrity of the installation.

Incorrect Method

Uncoated Box Installed With PVC-Coated Raceway 

Uncoated Box Installed to PVC-coated conduit
Uncoated box installed on a PVC-coated raceway compromises the entire system to increased risk of failure.

Correct Method

Always Use PVC-Coated Fittings With PVC-Coated Conduit 

coated boxe
Installing the system with devices that match the proper level of protection is the only way to maintain the integrity of the whole raceway.

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