What is My-Catalog

My-Catalog is our online tool that makes submitting, specifying, and quoting Plasti-Bond faster and easier than ever. Designed with PVC coated conduit & fittings users in mind, My-Catalog enables Distributors, Contractors, and Specifiers to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks in assembling submittals and RFQs. My-Catalog builds on’s powerful product catalog and enables users to manage their individual catalogs.

Registration is free and simple, and gives the new user immediate access to the system. Registered users can access it from anywhere with a dependable internet connection, using multiple options, that include mobile devices.

Once logged in, users create and manage their catalog using the familiar search & filters of the product catalog. This provides ready-access to the user’s most-frequently specified products.
Items can be searched dynamically by entering catalog numbers or keywords into the search box and by using the search filters on the left. Combinations of both can produce fast and accurate results.

Users will add or remove an item to MY-CATALOG using the green plus or the red minus buttons next to the catalog numbers. The large indicator boxes on the top make it easy to keep track of the number of items the user is handling in each step.

Step 2 involves selecting the items from MY-CATALOG to generate RFQs or Submittal packages. For fairly large catalogs, the same filtering & searching tools make selecting the correct product efficient. Once the items have been selected by clicking the checkbox, users proceed to Step 3 by pressing the Create My-RFQ/Submittal button on the bottom or the large Step 3 indicator box on the top.

After entering the project information, users will enter quantities for the RFQs or leave them blank when only the Submittals are required. Users then select the desired document type –an RFQ, a Submittal or both– and complete the process by clicking the Submit button.

Upon successful submission, users are directed to the confirmation page from which the documents can be retrieved as PDF files. A confirmation email has been sent at this point with the links to these documents, which remain valid for the next 30 days.

Whenever users return to MY-CATALOG, the Steps 2 & 3 are reset. Because MY-CATALOG is already setup, these users enjoy significant time savings when creating new RFQs and Submittals.

For tutorials on how to My-Catalog, please visit

My-Catalog’s key benefits are:

  • Find a product quickly using powerful search and sorting tools
  • Create and manage a customized catalog of frequently-used products
  • Prepare a Request For Quote, a Submittal or both from one BOM