VIDEO: Hydraulic Bending of Plastibond PVC Coated Conduit

Hydraulic Bending of Plastibond PVC-Coated Conduit


For best results, use equipment designed to bend coated conduit. Hydraulic and electric powered benders are available with shoes sized for coated conduit. When bending coated conduit, use rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the shoe and the area of conduit you wish to bend.

Never use lubricant in the shoe or on the conduit. Lubricant allows the conduit to slip above the centerline of the shoe, resulting in flattening of the elbow.

Conventional shoes can be used to bend conduit if 0.06 inches are removed from the inside surface to accommodate the coating thickness.

In this video you will see the proper bending techniques for 2″ and 21/2″ tubes.